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Rich Relationships

Posted on 25 June 2013



Cultivate customer relationships and watch your business thrive.

Word of mouth is still the most powerful form of advertising – a cliché perhaps, but true all the same.

Relationship marketing can be vital in creating customer loyalty. It is important to ensure that the customer has the best possible experience every time they come through the door or have contact with the business.

It is much more difficult and expensive to acquire a customer than to retain a customer. Therefore, the business owner should focus on building and maintaining strong relationships with customers. A strong relationship is characterised by trust, mutual benefit, open communication and commitment.

5 Top Tips for Effective Relationship Marketing

  1. Always put yourself in the customer’s shoes.
  2. Establish a behavior code with your staff – promote a positive attitude.
  3. Exceed customer expectations – meeting customer needs is one thing – surprising them by giving more than they expect is another.
  4. Learn to be good with names – Marks do not like being Mikes and Belindas do not appreciate being turned into Brendas.
  5. A smile costs nothing.

For assistance with cultivating your customer relationships contact our office.

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